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it's a shame, it was so good

The glossy taco was very good for the first applications and then it became super stringy and bubbly. I bought a second one thinking it was a batch problem but same thing happened. I am a bit sad because I do not mind investing in good products (+ shipping) but this does not justify the acquisition. Would recommend to stick with colors and bases which are amazing

Holo Taco

Holo Florian! We are so sorry you aren’t fully satisfied with Glossy Taco. Our Customer Experience Team will be in touch with you via email, please check your inbox for their message.

Teresa C.
Belgium Belgium
Good for first applications

This top coat is really good, as it has super fast drying properties and gives the nails a beautiful shine. However after having it a few months when I pull the brush out, the formula is super stringy, and I cannot apply it correctly. Moreover, it has a lot of bubbles and I don't know what to do to get rid of them... I’m not even halfway through the bottle, so it’s kind of weird and a shame that I cannot use it more...

United States United States
Good for a few months

I’m not sure if this is a normal thing but most polishes last me a year or so especially one used often however after around 6 months of having it it’s so stringy and thick it’s not useable. I loved it so much for the first few months before this happened but I just can’t justify purchasing a top coat this expensive every six months

United States United States
Wish I could give 5 stars...

I really wish I could give it 5 stars. It has the best quick dry formula I have ever tried. It seems to be dry to the touch within 5 minutes. It’s also very self leveling which is great for someone like me who isn’t the best with their application. But it has two major flaws. Number one is bubbles. No matter what I do I can't seem to not get bubbles! I don’t shake the bottle before application and even let it sit for 15 minutes but I always seem to get bubbles. The second flaw is how the polish gets over time. I feel like every time I use it I have to apply thinner. It gets super stringy and difficult to work with. I’m on my second bottle and thought it was maybe just an issue with the batch but it’s the same as the first bottle I got. Hopefully the formula improves because again, one of the best quick dry formulas there is!

Cristiana S.
Luxembourg Luxembourg
I really hope you can manage to fix this top coat

A bit of a story... My sister bought Holo taco first and never had problems with her GlossyTaco (she didn't use it that much). She was going to order more products and asked me if I was interested. I was, so she got a the GlossyTaco for me with her new order of polishes. My Taco was really bad even at the first apply. A lot of bubbles, it was sticky and created tiny strings everywhere. My sis told me that she was going to contact you guys (since she made the order) and you were the best! You immediately sent a new one. The new one arrives, seems slightly better, but still some bubbles around. Well, we didn't want to bother anymore, so my sister lend me her own Taco and I've been using it quite awhile. It was really good at first, I thought that her Taco was good and I just got bad luck with mines, but after awhile it started showing the same problems :( some bubbles, strings, a bit sticky... Still dries quite fast and when doesn't show the bubbles looks quite good! In conclusion, I'm waiting for you guys to fix it, because I really love this taco when it works well, and I'll buy it (again) to give it another try.