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United States United States
Love the color, but not HT's best

I wanted more from this polish... the color is STUNNING, but I barely use it for a couple reasons: a) the smell is overpowering, far more than any holo taco product I've tried so far. It smells for hours after I apply the polish and a top coat– once, it was actually keeping me awake at night after I painted my nails in the early evening. b) the formula is very thick and very odd... I know, I know, Cristine says get some nail polish thinner, but I've tried and no matter what i do the formula is chunky, applies unevenly, and does not look nice on my nail, even after a topper. c) It chips so fast on my nails, even with HT branded long lasting bases/tacos. I would think there was user error here, but I have quite a few holo taco products at this point and none of them have these issues. The color is, once again, incredible, but that's its biggest redeeming quality.

Holo Taco

Holo Annie! We are so sorry you aren’t fully satisfied with Royal Tea Blue. Our Customer Experience Team will be in touch with you via email, please check your inbox for their message.

Riana C.
Canada Canada

I ordered this and the solid white polish. I was so excited for these after following Cristine on YouTube and then also seeing a video by Suzie using the white polish. I thought "WOW, what great colour payoff and viscosity!" But nope. Were these expired? Did something somehow happen to the integrity of the formula during the parcels travel, even though it was one province over? Both polishes were disgustingly thick and sticky. It looked like I was trying to paint nails with old Whiteout. At least the blue one was on sale but still.. total waste of money and beyond unsatisfied. Utterly disappointed. Cristine you are a very entertaining person and I think you have mad skill and personality but this was probably the worst nail polish I've ever purchased. :(

Holo Taco

Holo Riana! So sorry that Royal-Tea Blue is not working as anticipated. Please check your email as our Support Team will be reaching out to you.

United States United States

In general I’m a huge fan of holo taco nail polishes but this one is probably my biggest dissapointment. the color is stunning but anything other than that is not for me. The formula is quite difficult to work with and it doesn’t dry, even after 40 min of waiting and a quick dry glossy taco the bottom layer didn’t dry and caused the glossy top coat to have ripples. I Got my first one in the initial holo taco launch box set so I thought it was maybe because it was a defect in mine. though was not happy with it saw it as support for Christine so I just went ahead and got another one as an indevidual. To my dissapointment same problems occurred to the second some and now I have 2 polishes I just end up never using.

Holo Taco

Holo there! So sorry that Royal-Tea Blue is not working as anticipated. Please check your email as our Support Team will be reaching out to you.

Cassandra .
Canada Canada

It’s a nice colour but I find the formula different from one coat black. I find this chips very quickly and easily on me.

United States United States
Beautiful Blue!

I love the color of this polish, it is a very vibrant blue. For me it does take 2 coats to be completely opaque, but that is fine. It is still highly pigmented, being fair skinned it does cause some light staining on my skin temporarily - acetone and washing with soap when the polish is completely hard takes care of it. It is a bit thicker of a formula than I am accustomed to but every polish is different. It just takes a bit of practice with the slightly thicker formula. I would recommend this polish to anyone and everyone.