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United States United States
Too thick

I love all the polish I have gotten so far but that glossy top coat is tragic. I still have 3/4 of the bottle left and it’s become so thick and stringy. Has anyone had any luck thinning it down?

Holo Taco Glossy Taco™ Review
Holo Taco

Holo Nicole! So sorry that Glossy Taco is not working as anticipated. Please check your email as our Support Team will be reaching out to you.

United States United States
Third time was not the charm.

I bought the glossy taco as part of the nail essentials bundle just under a year ago and tried it on a mani with Got Cake. It behaved strangely: went on nicely with the first stroke, almost a thin consistency, which I like, then when I went to apply a second stoke in the middle of my nail (with less product, as I expected to be able to drag some of the excess from my first stroke across my nail), the taco dragged but dragged all the polish underneath with it. Bizarre, right? Then I had to try to salvage the situation before it dried completely. I ended up having to redo the nail and used a different brand's top coat. Used glossy taco on a second nail, thinking I'd just apply less, but I could not seem to find the happy medium between "too much" and "not enough" on the brush to avoid ruining the polish. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures because I was too busy triaging. I tried the taco a second time a few months later when I ran out of my usual one and the experience was the same. Well, here we are a year later and I still had the bottle, nearly full. I decided to give it another go and this time, it behaved the same (ruined my polish so I had to redo the nail) but was gloopier, which is understandable? because it's a year later but I certainly didn't have it exposed to air or anything. I do my nails about three times a month and have never hated a product more. I dumped the taco, cleaned the bottle, and will mix unicorn skins in it. I'm super relieved to hear that they're reformulating!

Holo Taco

Holo Nina! So sorry that Glossy Taco is not working as anticipated. Please check your email as our Support Team will be reaching out to you.

Jacqueline U.
Switzerland Switzerland
Maybe not a product for casual nail-polish users

I only paint my nails about twice a month. My glossy taco is unusable after two manis. It's very thick, stringy, bubbly - just as other people here said. I really tried my best to close the bottle tight, immediately after use and to have it exposed to air as little as possible - since I knew it is a quick dry taco. But I'm a beginner, I am slow, so it takes me a long time to paint my nails. I'm sure if you use it up quicker, it won't get to this state. And the first time I used it, it was amazing, loved it. But for casuals like me, it's just not viable. Love holo taco, love Cristine, love all other products I have tried so far. Just not this one. Maybe I'm just not the right type of consumer for it! Another thing that could maybe affect it is the transit? Lots of temperature changes, etc. I live in Europe. Clearly, the taco works just fine for Cristine, so I suspect it's either the shipping or just the fact that she is a lot quicker and uses it up faster.

Elise M.
United States United States
Unfortunately the same..

Unfortunately like many reviewers before, my bottle also became super thick and unusable. I still have 2/3 of the bottle left and it's thicker than tacky glue. All of the other polishes I have from HC are amazing, but the glossy taco has failed me (Photo taken 5 seconds after tilting the bottle sideways)

Holo Taco Glossy Taco™ Review
Holo Taco

Holo Elise! So sorry that Glossy Taco is not working as anticipated. Please check your email as our Support Team will be reaching out to you.

United States United States
Gloopy, stringy, bubbly and still glossy, after a handful of uses

I am a big fan of Holo Taco and only wear polishes from them, I just recently bought the newest box set and was putting on Matcha Maker and my Glossy Taco was way thicker, drier & bubbly than I had ever seen it. I had a ton of air pockets (I assume it) and it was a lot harder to apply then the first couple of uses. I believe this is my 4th or 5th time using this on my nails because I actually wanted this polish to stay and not chip but man was it difficult putting it on last night! Almost all of my nails have bumps on them from the layer of Glossy Taco I put on them and if you have a fear of holes/bubble looking things you won't want to look at my pictures! I am very surprised to see the sudden change in product quality after a few uses... Now I'm unsure if I want to buy this top coat again... well, you can't win them all, at least all the other products seem to be pulling out all the stops! I am glad to see honest reviews because I was worried I had done something to cause this, but it seems this is just something that happens with this top coat in particular. (I took the photos sitting in my car, also don’t mind the botched nail job lol, I’m a newb)

Holo Taco Glossy Taco™ ReviewHolo Taco Glossy Taco™ ReviewHolo Taco Glossy Taco™ Review