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The blue is little weird

I absolutely love it! I got the scattered holo taco and the Royalty Blue. Took 3 1/2 weeks to get and it was missing an item. No worries they are sending another! ^_^ There is one small thing. This could just be this particular bottle, as the cap seemed loose when I opened the Royal-tea Blue. It goes on quite thick and if I try to swipe over it again, it seems to chunk up like goo sometimes does. Its a shame, since I really love the shade, but I'm going to try and get another in the future to see if it was just because it had loosened in the mail or something. Get more soon Cristine!! Great job everyone involved!


Holo Perfection... But RTBlue is Off

So from someone who has actually bought and is currently using these: One Coat Black is the real deal. It's opaque af, great application, doesn't chip for over a week, and probably the best black nail polish currently on the market. The holo tacos are hypnotizing, highly-reflective holo. The clear brushes add a fun element. They're very buildable to create the look you want. Though they're all lovely, Flakie is my favorite. But today I tried the last polish, Royal Tea Blue, and was really surprised at how lumpy and sticky it was. I paint my nails religiously and have not encountered this except in very old, slightly evaporated polishes. I suspect it is a quality control mistake (almost like a smoothing/thinning/self-levelling agent was left out?) rather than a formula Cristine approved. Watching her use RTBlue in videos, it is not showing any of the thick stringiness that my bottle is. That said, its imperfections can be salvaged by a thick coat of glossy taco, and I don't imagine all batches have or will have this issue. I'm still really enjoying this collection!

Holo taco

Got my holo today

I received my holo taco today and used it immediately and I am immensely satisfied with the quality of the holo taco. Thanks simply

Jordan Dobben

Love the tacos but gloopy colours

The holo tacos were amazing and everything I dreamed of, would 10/10 recommend to anyone. The black was a bit thicker than most nail polishes I have used but it wasn't too difficult to even out, and it is a true one coat black. The blue was extremely difficult to work with, extremely thick and hard to apply, and the only way I got it to look nice was to keep adding layers in the hopes of it evening out. I only salvaged it by using a thick taco. Either I got a bad one, or the blue formula definitely needs reworking. These products were all stored in my bathroom closet and I keep my apartment at 21 all the time so I know it wasn't temperature... Overall very pleased and glad I got one of the first batch, but the blue is just not up to snuff.

Claire Crosmun

This is actually really good stuff

I think we knew Simply wouldn't put out a product that didn't deliver and this stuff delivers. I ordered this set on launch day. I finally painted my nails with it 5 days ago. Other than a few chips that no one but me can probably notice, this nail polish really holds up and I didn't even add a layer of thick glossy taco. The One-Coat Black is exactly that - I don't want to use anything else ever again because it's so good. I layered the Linear Holo Taco and Flakie Holo Taco over the black. I work in a lab and I take gloves on and off all day and wash my hands many, many times. I'm so happy that my manicure has held up so well - I haven't even touched it up. It's clear that Simply put WORK into this brand and I will definitely be back for more.