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  • The Holo Taco Loyal-Tea Rewards Program is our official loyalty program that rewards you every time you shop, follow us, and more! Once you create a Holo Taco account, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the free Loyal-Tea Rewards Program. You’ll start earning points that can be redeemed for an ever-changing selection of your favourite Holo Taco products. To learn all the ways you can earn points toward rewards, including shopping, engaging with us, and reviewing your purchases, visit the Ways to Earn section above.

  • Your Loyal-Tea tier is determined by points earned in a rolling 12-month period that resets every time you earn your way to the next tier. You can earn points by making a purchase, following us on social media, and through other activities.

    Unlock our Holo Explorer tier by earning 80 points within 12 months. Become a Holo Swatcher by earning at least 250 points within 12 months. Reach Holo Royalty status, the top tier of our program, by earning 500 points within 12 months.

    The higher your tier, the more benefits you’ll unlock! Once you level up to a new tier or have achieved Holo Royalty, you have 12 months to earn the number of points required to keep your tier.

  • The point minimum needed for each tier level are as follows:
    Holo Explorer - 80 points
    Holo Swatcher - 250 points
    Holo Royalty - 500 points

    To remain in your tier level, earn the required minimum points, as per above, within your designated 12-month tier term.

    For example, you earned Holo Swatcher on July 6, 2022 and leveled up to Holo Royalty on October 16, 2022. To maintain Holo Royalty, you need to earn 500 points by October 16, 2023.

    For example, you started off in Holo Royalty on July 1, 2022. If you have earned at least 500 points between July 1, 2022 and July 1st, 2023, you will then remain in Holo Royalty until July 1, 2024.

    You can check how many points you’ve earned by logging into your Loyal-Tea account and adding up the points activities in your Activity History. Start counting from your most recent tier change date and exclude any negative point values which would occur in your history when redeeming products.

  • You can earn points by making a purchase, following us on social media, and through other activities. To learn all the ways you can earn points, visit the Ways to Earn section above.

    For store purchases, you’ll earn 1 point per every USD spent on Holo Taco products. Spend towards shipping, taxes, customs & duty fees are excluded. Purchases made using a Holo Taco gift card are excluded. Points will appear in your account once your order has been shipped.

    Points only expire if you do not earn or redeem any points within a 12-month period. After one year of inactivity, your point balance and tier level will reset.

    Once you sign up for the Loyal-Tea Rewards Program, you’ll immediately start earning points with every qualifying action and purchase.

  • Once you’re logged in, you can view your Current Redeemable Points balance at the top of the Loyal-Tea Rewards Page or under the Redeem Your Points section. Your Current Redeemable Points balance is the total number of points you can redeem for sweet and shiny new rewards!

    To view your account history of points received and redeemed, click the View Activity History button. Please note that points for recent purchases will show up in your account once your order has shipped.

    Note: Redeeming your points for rewards won’t affect your tier status.

  • Don’t worry! Redeeming your points won’t cause you to lose your current tier status, your progress toward entering the next highest tier, or the progress you’ve made maintaining your current tier level.

    For example, you’ve earned 250 points and entered the Holo Swatcher tier. You then redeem 200 points for a free product. While you now have 50 points left to redeem, you’re still in the Holo Swatcher tier!

  • Loyal-Tea members in all three tiers get a free birthday gift on us!

    First, make sure you’ve entered your birthday on the “Happy Birthday | Free Gift” tile on the Rewards homepage when signed into your account.

    Then, on your next birthday, you will receive an email from us with your exclusive birthday code and a link to the curated Birthday product offerings for your Loyalty Tier. Add your desired birthday gift to your cart and enter your birthday code at checkout to redeem. Your birthday code can also be viewed by logging into your Loyalty Account and clicking the View Account History button. Your exclusive code will be valid for 90 days after your birthday and must be entered at checkout. Note: Applicable shipping, duties and import fees are charged separately.

  • Yes! If you already have an account on, you will automatically be enrolled in the Loyal-Tea Rewards Program. To access your rewards, please log in on the Rewards page. If you don't have an account, click here to get started.

  • It’s not a problem! As long as the email you enter at sign-up is the same email that you’ve used on all of your previous purchases, your starting tier and points balance will reflect your previous 12 months of purchase history, once your account is created.

    For example, if you’ve spent $80 USD (before shipping & taxes) on in the 12 months prior to signing up for a Loyal-Tea account, you’ll start in the Holo Explorer tier!

  • Your points should automatically appear in your account when you sign up for our emails, sign up for our texts or leave a review on our website (limit one per 4 months). To earn points on your email subscription, please note that the email address subscribed must be the same email address used for your Holo Taco account.

    If you’re subscribed to either our email or SMS lists, but aren’t seeing your sign-up points reflected in your account history, please feel free to reach out to us at

If you have more questions, please visit the FAQ page

Or feel free to contact us for help at!