1. SHAKE - Gently shake the polish to help evenly distribute the magnetic pigments before application.

  2. PAINT - Apply a thick but even coat of magnetic polish on the nail, working one nail at a time.

  3. ACTIVATE - Immediately activate the polish’s magnetic effect with our Magnetic Wand by either:

  4. A. Hovering the Magnetic Wand over the wet nail, as close to the nail as possible, OR

    B. Painting the nail while your finger rests on top of the rectangle side of the Magnetic Wand, silver magnet side-up.

  5. HOLD STILL - Keep the Magnetic Wand in place while the polish dries (we recommend holding for at least 60 seconds). Patience is key: the longer you wait, the sharper the magnetic effect!

  6. ALL THE NAILS - Paint all other nails, working one nail at a time, repeating steps 2 through 4.

  7. SECOND COAT - Repeat with a second or third coat for desired opacity, activating the polish with the Magnetic Wand for each coat.

  8. LOCK IT IN - Apply a Glossy Taco for quick-dry and long-lasting results. Be sure to finish with one last use of the Magnetic Wand and hold still to lock in the magnetic effect as the top coat seals in your magnetic mani.


  • Want faster application?

  • Apply the first coat of magnetic polish like a regular polish and skip magnetizing the nail. Then apply a generous second coat and magnetize only that layer with the Magnetic Wand. The effect may not appear as strong but it’s quicker!

  • Want a darker look?

  • Try just one thick but even coat of a magnetic shade over One-Coat Black. Magnetize once for the colour coat and once more when you finish with a Glossy Taco.

  • Don’t have a steady wand-holding hand?

  • Lay the Magnetic Wand on a flat surface, silver magnet side-up, and place your nail directly on the magnet. Apply your nail polish while your nail rests right on the magnet and watch the effect appear right before your eyes! Be sure to keep your nail in place on the magnet as the polish dries. This trick yields stronger magnetic lines for those with thinner fingertips or longer nails, as the magnet is closer to the nail.

  • Want to create different magnetic designs?

  • Cat-eye/diagonal line effect: Hold the large rectangular end of the wand diagonally over or under the nail.

  • 3D dome effect: Hold the large rectangular end of the wand parallel on one side of the nail, then move it gently to the other side of the nail.

  • Moon/french tip effect: Hold the small circular end of the wand over half the nail, focusing on the tips if a french tip effect is desired.